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Schedule your text messages

Scheduled is an app that allows you to schedule written text messages. We are the only app that makes it possible to schedule and send messages automatically with iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS & Email.

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Be a better friend

Scheduled helps you to be a better friend by allowing you stay in touch with people around you at the moments that matter. Write and scheduled a message and never forget to send another birthday wish, kind note or ‘Good luck’ on somebody’s driving test.

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Be a better business

Scheduled helps you to be a better business by sending prewritten messages to your clients, staff or network automatically. You can schedule and (auto)send appointment reminders, meeting reminders to individuals and groups.

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Scheduling was never easier

Send Messages Automatically

For iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram and Email, it’s possible to schedule and send messages automatically. For this, you need to install a Personal Automation in Apple Shortcuts.

Import your calendar

Simply import your Google or Apple calendar and scheduled recognizes your events and appointments.

Message suggestions

Scheduled registers your events and appointments and gives you suggestions for important messages.

Send group messages

Import your contacts and create groups, so everyone will receive your message at the same time.

Recurring events

Repeat your messages for recurring appointments or events. Choose the amount of repeats you’d like.

Your own fixed virtual number

The Scheduled for Business app will give you your own virtual number from which you send and receive SMS messages.


Scheduled is used by professionals in different industries. Check out how others use Scheduled to be a better business.

Go to Scheduled for Small Business

Small Business

Small business owners use Scheduled to (auto)send appointment reminders, sales follow-up messages or other messages to their clients or staff.

Go to Scheduled for Healthcare


Schedule helps health professionals to keep in touch with – and send valuable reminders to clients or patients.

Go to Scheduled for Fitness


Fitness professionals use Scheduled to boost the morale of their clients, decrease the no-show rate for appointments, and to stay in touch with their clients

Go to Scheduled for Beauty


Beauty professionals use Scheduled to engage with their clients, make sure no one misses an appointment, and to stay in touch with their clients.

Go to Scheduled for Church Communities

Church Communities

Church communities use Scheduled to build a steady relationship with their community, keep them updated and make everybody feel engaged.

How it works

1. Write your message

Write your message for your personal or business network

2. Select a contact or group

Choose from your contacts or created groups

3. Auto Send or Reminder Message

Choose to schedule a reminder or send your message automatically

4. Repeat or not

Send your message just once, or repeatedly

5. Get reminded (when not using Auto Send)

When not using Auto Send: get reminded with a notification to select your favorite messenger

6. Get notified (when using Auto Send)

When using Auto Send: get a notification that your message was automatically sent successfully (SMS only)

Reach anybody easily and quickly


Of text messages get opened


Of text messages are read within 3 minutes


of leads prefer to be texted, compared to called

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We help you to be the attentive friend that never forgets a birthday or the approachable business that’s just a text away.

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