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A Personal Relationship Manager to stay in touch with the people that matter

Ever have the feeling you can’t keep up with everything that’s going on in your network? We do too! That’s why we created Moments. Moments helps you to deepen your personal and professional relationships by helping you to be thoughtful at the right moments in a personal way. 

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Managing Social Connections Made Effortless – Organize, Prioritize, and Strengthen Your Relationships in a Snap!

Social To-Dos

Preview upcoming events and reminders planned for you, thereby reducing your daily cognitive load and stress.

Social Circles

Assort your contacts into different groups & levels of importance. So everyone always gets the attention they deserve.

Events and Reminders

Create events for your contacts and get reminded of the event itself, buying a gift, sending a message and more.

Social Feed

The app creates one feed containing social updates and activity data from your CRM contacts, focusing on the people who matter most to you.


Boost your social skills with our articles and courses. They cover topics from improving friendships to effective networking strategies for introverts.

AI Composer

We can compose personalized messages and emails, tailored based on the unique relationship and specific interest of each of your contacts.

Live Moments