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Scheduled for Small Business

Schedule text messages to increase profits and improve client relations, decrease the no-show rate for appointments, and to keep your clientele informed and engaged.

Reduce no-shows

No more no-shows! With Scheduled, you can send appointment reminders and reduce the chances of a no-show drastically. After importing your calendar, you can simply add reminders to meetings or other appointments and have them be sent automatically.

Keep your staff informed

As a small business owner, you can use Scheduled to not only keep your clients up to date, but also your staff or colleagues. You can easily inform them about important matters like changes in shifts, important tasks with a deadline, etcetera. The app allows you to reach your employees anywhere, instantly. Or at a moment in the future that suits you – automatically.

Scheduled can also send you message suggestions each week, based on the events in your calendar.

Increase customer loyalty

Keeping in touch with all your contacts can take up a lot of your valuable time. However, it’s one of the best ways to stay on somebody’s mind and keep them informed about what you’re doing. Scheduled makes this process easier and quicker by giving you the ability to send sales follow-up messages, updates or other messages that increase engagement.

If you want a message to be sent repeatedly, you can choose to do so. Messages can be sent daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You’re in charge.

Help your clients reach their goals

Do your clients need to be reminded of tasks they have to complete regularly, like workouts or completing certain protocols? Scheduled allows you to plan your messages ahead and have them be sent repeatedly somewhere in the future.

Scheduling was never easier

Auto Send messages

With Scheduled Premium and Business, you can write texts and have them be sent automatically.

Import your calendar

Simply import your Google or Apple calendar and scheduled recognizes your events and appointments.

Message suggestions

Scheduled registers your events and appointments and gives you suggestions for important messages.

Send group messages

Import your contacts and create groups, so everyone will receive your message at the same time.

Recurring events

Repeat your messages for recurring appointments or events. Choose the amount of repeats you’d like.

Your own fixed virtual number

You’ll get your own virtual number from which you send and receive messages.

Scheduled is used by Real estate agents, Handymen, Window Cleaners, Plumbers, Counselors, Coaches, Driving Instructors, Tutors, Photographers, Computer Technicians, Babysitters, and other Business Owners.

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This changed my social life. A must for everyone who want to boost his or her social life.

ChristiaanPremium User

I've been looking for an app like this for a long time! Works perfectly with a clean and intuitive design.

DavePremium User

I love the Scheduled App!! Very easy to use. Love that I can prepare a text at any time and schedule to send later. Great customer support, very fast response to questions and very fast resolutions.

PeterPremium User

This app is brilliant, especially for those insomniacs and dreamers who wake up at random o’clock full of ideas! Can send within what’s app, text, Facebook and much more. Highly recommend this app!

GiovanniPremium User

How it works

1. Write your message

Write your message for your personal or business network

2. Select a contact or group

Choose from your contacts or created groups

3. Auto Send or Reminder Message

Choose to schedule a reminder or send your message automatically

4. Repeat or not

Send your message just once, or repeatedly

5. Get reminded (when not using Auto Send)

When not using Auto Send: get reminded with a notification to select your favorite messenger

6. Get notified (when using Auto Send)

When using Auto Send: get a notification that your message was automatically sent successfully (SMS only)


$ 0.00

Per Month
  • Schedule 3 messages
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
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$ 3,49

Per Month
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Auto Send 30 messages
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
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$ 9,99

Per Month
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Auto Send 300 messages
  • Own Business Number
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
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$ 49,99

Per Month
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Auto Send 2000 messages
  • Own Business Number
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
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