Scheduled for Healthcare

Schedule text messages to keep in touch with – and send valuable reminders to clients or patients.

Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders

Scientific research has shown that reminders are effective at improving appointment attendance in health care. With Scheduled, you can automatically send appointment reminders and reduce the chances of a no-show or late cancellation drastically.

Syncs with your Google or Apple Calendar

Scheduled allows you to sync your existing calendar and recognizes your appointments and other events. By doing so, you can easily plan messages for these occasions.

Scheduled can also send you message suggestions each week, based on the events in your calendar.

Send messages automatically and repeatedly

With Scheduled you can send your messages automatically on a time and date of your choosing.

If you want a message to be sent repeatedly, you can choose to do so. Messages can be sent daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You’re in charge.

Auto Send messages

With Scheduled Premium, you can write texts and have them be sent automatically.

Import your calendar

Import your Google or Apple calendar. Scheduled recognizes your events.

Get message suggestions

Scheduled registers your events and gives you suggestions for important messages each week.

Send group messages

Import your contacts and create groups. This way, everyone will get reminded at the same time.

Recurring events

Repeat your messages for recurring appointments or events. Choose the amount of repeats you’d like.

Auto Send Messages

Start with 300 or 2000 Auto Send credits and get the same credits every month.

Scheduled is used by Doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, physical therapists, dentists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, veterinarians, nutritionists and many more.

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I've been looking for an app like this for a long time! Works perfectly with a clean and intuitive design.

DavePremium User

This changed my social life. A must for everyone who want to boost his or her social life.

ChristiaanPremium User

I love the Scheduled App!! Very easy to use. Love that I can prepare a text at any time and schedule to send later. Great customer support, very fast response to questions and very fast resolutions.

PeterPremium User

This app is brilliant, especially for those insomniacs and dreamers who wake up at random o’clock full of ideas! Can send within what’s app, text, Facebook and much more. Highly recommend this app!

GiovanniPremium User


$ 0.00

Per Month
  • Schedule 3 messages
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
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$ 3,49

Per Month
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Auto Send 30 messages
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
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$ 9.99

Per Month
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Auto Send 300 messages
  • Own Business Number
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
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$ 49.99

Per Month
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Auto Send 2000 messages
  • Own Business Number
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
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How it works?

How does Scheduled work exactly?


Write your message

Easily write your message for your personal or business network.

Select a contact or group

Create and select a group of predefined people.

Auto Send or Reminder Message

Select if you want to Auto Send the message or not.

Repeat or not

Select if you want to repeat the message.

Reminders (Not using Auto Send)

When not using Auto Send: get reminded with a notification to select your favorite messenger.

Message with Auto Send

When using Auto Send: get a notification that your message was automatically sent succesfully from your new business number (SMS only).