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If you want new customers hooked to your business, it’s time to start texting! Keeping in touch by text is a neat way to keep your clients happy, interested and satisfied. We line up three useful text practices to stay on top of your customer’s mind.

1. Send out coupons or free advice

Nothing says ‘don’t forget about me’ better than a great discount! Did your customer  purchase something in your webshop? Reward them with a coupon on their next buy. If you’re a personal trainer, a discount on a free session also works. Beside that, you can give out daily work-out advice as a ‘trial’ for real-time commitment. Just remember to keep your texts short and snappy, so your recipient won’t be overflown with information. 

2. Keep your customers up-to-date

Who says texts are spammy? If your customer expects a delivery, it’s considerate to let him know it’s on its way. Be attentive and remind a customer of an upcoming appointment, or inform him said appointment is cancelled. Texts can also be used to remind customers of a missed payment, or make note of those sneakers still sitting in her shopping basket. Notice how all these messages benefit both you and your client. Sure, this info can be sent by email – and you should. Yet: the great plus of text messages over email is the fact texts are delivered instantly and (most of the time) read instantly. 

3. Send your customers follow-up texts

If you had a fruitful meeting with a client and were requested more info, you should sent those details by follow-up text. Again: try to keep things short and include a link to the info, since people don’t read a bulk of content in texts. Haven’t heard from a customer in a while? Send them a short update to let them know what your business is up to. Enclose a coupon – it’s a great way to reactivate old customers. We’ve written it before: the delivery and open rate of texts is way higher than an email, so it’s more likely to be read.

Concluding, all points above depend on making your customer feel special. With our app Scheduled, you can structure by lining up message templates and scheduling automated texts. Beside that, it’s important to tailor your texts to your clients interests and needs. Don’t look like a spam bot and leave a lingering impression. Scheduled makes it possible to segment your recipients. Create a category of ‘new customers’ and ‘haven’t heard from in a while-customers’, for example. Try it out by firing up our app. Happy texting!

Jildert Visser