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Composing an electronic mail, that may sound like something your grandparents did way back when. It’s true, email has been around for some time. Old fashioned or no, the simple fact is: email inboxes are way more organised than text apps are. Need to go in-depth on a topic? Want to provide some overview? It’s best to do it over email. That’s why Scheduled provides the scheduling of emails as well.

Email and text: when to use what

Sending out texts for business has lots of advantages, yet some content you don’t want to send through text. As we pointed out in the introduction, a message inbox isn’t designed to provide overview. Moreover, text messages aren’t tailored to display lots of content or imagery. In general, if your message is mostly informative and you don’t expect an answer right away, it’s best to send and email. Scheduled can help you out with email scheduling, and offers the exact same features as text scheduling.

Power up your texts through email (and vice versa)

Email and texting can co-exist. Moreover, they strengthen each other. If you need to tell your contact more than the cramped space of a text allows, you should send those details over email. That doesn’t mean you can’t remind your recipient of that important email. Here’s where Scheduled is useful: since you got both text and email scheduling handy, the switch from text to email (and vice versa) is available within one tap.

Use our web app to compose emails

‘But a mobile app isn’t suitable to write up a long email’, we hear you say. True that, so that’s where our web app comes in. This app can be reached in your browser and allows you to compose messages on desktop. Our web app includes all familiar features from the mobile app, so that means your contacts and segmented groups as well. What are your waiting for? Time to start scheduling those emails!

Great! But how do I schedule an email?

Just hit up our app and head to ‘Add new’ (in the middle of the menu). Over there, you can just tap ‘All’ and select ‘Email’. There you have it! Choose a recipient, add a subject and write up your email. You can add images as well. Yep, it really is as easy as that.

Jildert Visser