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Would you go shopping with your coworkers after one of you leaves your employer? Would you share your intimate feelings with them? Probably not with all of them, right? Friends and family are special like that, because you are still there for one another, even when you are apart.

Being there for each other

Coworkers or neighors often just stay in touch with because of the context (work or proximity). Friends and family, though, are the ones you choose to keep in your life and keep sharing your feelings with. That’s why it can be hard when one of you moves away. You can’t walk the dog for this person, go for coffee, or just be together.

Luckily, modern times know solutions to problems like these!
Here are some tips.

Tip 1: Manage expectations

Figure out what you expect from the long-distance relationship, and ask your friend what their expectations are. A friendship can change once there’s an ocean in between, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still strong.

A man rests his feet on his suitcase while watching an airplane leave

Tip 2: I’m thinking of you!

Let your person know that you think of him or her. What’s not to like about a text that says “Just drove by our favorite bar, it’s not the same without us in it”?

Imaging reading a book that reminds you of him or her. What do you do? Spill the beans! Unless it’s someone awful that reminds you of this person, you rather can’t go wrong.

Tip 3: Plan to see your pal

Make sure you make plans to see each other in the future. It doesn’t have to be often, or even soon, but just planning ahead and talking about the fun stuff you’ll do, can do a lot for your sense of togetherness.

Tip 4: Be there & share

Be there when it matters, so remember which dates are important. And, furthermore, make sure your friend or relative can do the same for you by sharing and opening up. Wedding dates? Children’s birthdays? Tough times? Act thoughtful!

You don’t need to be close to stay close

Do you have love ones that are far away? Send them a message to let them know they’re important to you! Go ahead and plan a couple more if you feel like it.

Arjan van Rooijen