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As a personal trainer, you want to help people lead a more healthy lifestyle. But outside of the weekly sessions, it can prove hard to keep clients motivated. You may already send out workouts and health tips by email, but email is often overlooked or sent straight to the spam folder. Why not try texting instead? People tend to read texts right away, and with that in mind, it works as a great motivation tool. Furthermore, it can help you reach new clients and serve practical needs, like the scheduling of appointment reminders. It doesn’t take much effort to keep up a texting schedule. You just need the right tools and methods. Let’s dive in!

Use texting to keep your clients motivated

Most clients won’t see you in person every single day, so texting is a helpful tool in keeping them updated and motivated. Sending out a daily work-out or food schedule is the first step. Expand on that by setting up segmented groups to send different messages to. After all, different clients need different approaches. Clients in need of an extra push may benefit from more motivation texts. People on the right path could get more advanced training schedules or tips to follow in between training. Keeping up a varied texting schedule emphasizes the personal part of being a personal trainer. It shows you are involved and take your clients seriously.

Use texting to reach new clients

Maintaining a texting service will not only benefit your existing clients, it’s also a great help in engaging new people. Push aspiring and existing clients to your text service from other promotion methods you use – like email or social media. Make sure to put out some incentive for potential users to subscribe (like a coupon). Again, you want to create a new segment within your texting model (‘Potential clients’). It’s useful to give these clients a little sneak peak of what you got to offer. A bunch of free training schedules, workouts, health tips, and so on. Show them you’re for real and you got everything they need to get in better shape. Keep them posted on new programs and offer discounts (without getting too spammy, of course). Naturally, these tips would apply to your existing clients as well.

Use texting to reduce no-shows

Besides being a useful tool for promotion and motivation, texting also serves more practical goals. It’s pretty frustrating to discover nobody showed up for a training session. This could easily be avoided by scheduling weekly appointment reminders. Texting is a great tool to remind your clients and help them reach their goals faster. Ready to start texting, but don’t know where to start? Scheduled has got you covered! Scheduled for Business is a powerful tool to make texting work for your company. It provides a custom business number, auto sending of 300 messages and much more! Setting it up is super easy. Head to your favourite app store and install Scheduled. In settings you can turn on our Business plan within seconds. Easy as that. Want to know more? Check out our FAQ or just contact us. We’re here to help!

texting for personal trainers

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