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Timing is everything, and that’s definitely the case with email. You might hit ‘send’ instantly after writing an important message. But did you ever take inconvenient timing or different time zones into consideration? We’ll hand you a bunch of reasons why it’s a good idea to schedule your emails, and explain how to do exactly that using Scheduled!

1. Avoid timezone trouble

Scheduling emails is essential when dealing with clients in different time zones. A message sent at 7PM could be delivered to people in the middle of the night. Instead of setting your clock to an ungodly hour, it’s way more favorable to schedule your emails for different time zones. If you want to reach your clients, you should be on top of their inbox. Let’s dig deeper into that.

2. Find the most suitable time for clients

Beside those timezone issues, it’s always a good idea to determine the ideal time for sending. Messages on Friday night might get lost, forgotten or ignored, while sending out an email at Monday 8AM makes you look more productive. Try to find out when the receiver is most likely to check his mail, or will appreciate the message. Schedule your emails in accordance with those findings.

3. Find the most suitable time for you

The other side of the coin: through scheduling, you can set up emails whenever you want. You might find zen in writing messages late at night or duringin the weekend, but it’s probably not a good idea to send those emails right away. Scheduling is also a more reliable solution than saving your emails as drafts and dispatching them later. You don’t want to discover on Thursday that you totally forgot to send out that important reply, right? That being said, forgetfulness is another important reason to schedule emails.

4. Show thoughtfulness by scheduling recurring emails

There’s no shame in being thoughtful, but absent-minded at the same time. Don’t want to miss out on the birthday of your client, or some other anniversary that’s important to them – or to you? Setting up scheduled emails will keep you out of trouble. Scheduled allows you to auto send, but can also remind you of the message you set up. Reminders will give you the chance to add something topical as the big day arrives. After all, it’s that personal touch that does the trick.

Alright, scheduling emails is important. Now show me how!

We just laid out a couple of reasons to schedule emails. And now for the good news: you can do exactly that using Scheduled! Just head to your favorite App store and download our app. It’s totally free! Fire up Scheduled and create a message. Line it up for auto send or set up a reminder to send it manually. You could also set up different groups to send different messages to or schedule a text instead of email to make things even more personal. Don’t want to schedule your emails on your phone? That’s what the Scheduled web app is for. It syncs perfectly with your iOS app and allows you to quickly schedule emails or messages.

Easy-peasy, right? Time to start scheduling!

Jildert Visser