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With these tips, you’ll come up with almost all your answers to the interview questions in advance, so on the day of the interview you can relax and carry yourself with confidence.

Tip 1: ‘So tell me about your resume’

When being asked this, focus on pivotal moments in your education and career, explain the driving force behind each one, and connect them with your values, goals, or key learnings.

Mind you, don’t simply read out your resume, because they probably have read that already. Add something that they don’t know yet.

Tip 2: Build a book of stories

It’s impossible to know exactly what you’ll be asked during an interview, but if you prepare by creating a book of stories, you’ll have a response for just about any question that comes your way.

‘Tell me about you’, for example? Such a generic question, that you might want to practice. You won’t be the first one to rant about a happy childhood, which probably is kind of irrelevant to this company, unless it helped you form valuable qualities.

Tip 3: Prepare for common questions

As said, not everything is evenly relevant. So think of good answers for the usual suspects, like:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why do you want this position?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  4. What are some previous projects that you are proud of?

Tip 4: Prepare you own questions

Nothing says ‘I want this job’ more, than asking questions that show how invested you are.

As a rule of thumb, prepare three question about the job and three more questions about the company.

Rinse and repeat

With the right experience, the right attitude, and of course, some luck, you’ll get the job. If you don’t, brush yourself off, go back to your rolodex of stories, and refine.

You’ve got this!

Arjan van Rooijen