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business texting

It goes without saying that texting is a huge part of our daily lives. The average person between 18 and 24 sends out 67 texts each day! With that staggering info in mind, texting for business seems a much overseen marketing tool. In this post we’ll lay out a bunch of ways to make messaging work for your company. It’s time to start texting!

1. Promote, announce and sell

You probably know that e-mail marketing is an accepted and profitable business tool. Still, texting has been around for a while and can be used in pretty much the same way! Important announcement to make? Big sale coming up? Keep your customers posted and send out a short text! Try to set up personalised messages to segmented groups, just as you would do with a newsletter.

2. Don’t lose that client, send out a follow up text.

Follow-ups work great as text messages as well. Let’s say you organised a fruitful meet up and some people requested more info. You could send those details by e-mail, but the delivery rate for text messages is way higher. People tend to check their texts right away, while e-mail is often overlooked, forgotten or sent straight to the spam folder. Keep those follow-up messages short and snappy, something like: “Thanks for reaching out, <insert name>. Here’s the info you requested. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to call. Hope to speak again soon! <insert link to info>

3. Avoid no-shows, send text reminders

This one is just as straight-forward as it sounds, yet works on many levels. After all, there’s nothing as frustrating as a no-show. Avoid it by sending out appointment reminders. Reminders also work from a sales driven perspective. Want to remind your customer of that lovely pair of socks in her shopping basket? Haven’t seen him on your website in a while? Since most texts are read within minutes and the open rate is 90% on average, sending out reminders is a no-brainer for your business!

4. Extend your business by texting

Texting also works as a useful support tool for your business. Let’s say you’re a personal trainer and you want to send out a daily work-out (“Don’t forget those crunches today!”). Perhaps you own a cooking site and like to send around daily recipes (“Here’s the recipe to my healthy spinach smoothie to start your day with”). This could easily be done by scheduling texts. Texting is an awesome way to keep your audience engaged with your business or platform. Optimize this further by sending out personalised texts based on your customer’s preferences.

5. Let’s get personal

You should apply this one to all points above, but let’s dive a little deeper into that ‘personal’ bit. Simply put, proper texting makes you look more involved as a company. That doesn’t mean you can just send some basic texts and lean back. Texting has to be implemented in a useful and constructive way. Try to avoid overkill. Don’t be too shallow, or too spammy. Send out a text to thank clients after a good meeting or congratulate a customer on his birthday (and give out a coupon). Look involved, stay involved. If you’re consistent with this, it will certainly improve the reputation of your business.

Ready to start texting? Try Scheduled for Business!

Scheduled for Business is a powerful tool to make texting work for your company. It provides a custom business number, auto sending of 300 messages (or 2000 with the Business Plus Plan) and much more! Setting it up is super easy. Head to the app store and download Scheduled. In settings you can turn on our Business plan within seconds. Easy as that. Want to know more? Check out our FAQ or just contact us. We’re here to help!

Jildert Visser