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At Scheduled, we believe it’s valuable to get a little personal with your clients. But at the same time, it’s wise to be efficient about it. Texting provides your business messages with a personal touch, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t set up some structure. You’re in luck: Scheduled just added a feature to create message templates. In this post, we’ll line up a couple of examples. Keep in mind that it’s favourable to flavour your template with a whiff of personality – like a name, date or place. In that way, your text won’t look like a robot sent it out. Let’s dive into some templates!

1. This is how you remind him (or you)

Reminders work in both ways: for you, or your client. This can be as straightforward as lining up your clients birthdays and congratulating them, as the happy day arrives. Adding something like ‘I hope you have a lovely day’, or ‘we should meet up shortly’ would be a nice touch to the basic ‘Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎈’.

Furthermore, you could remind clients of an upcoming appointment. Make sure to add some details to your template. Something like: ‘Hi, just a friendly reminder of our appointment today. Looking forward to seeing you at <time meeting>’.

2. New update available

Our templates could also work if you want to update clients on fresh events. Firstly, this could work in a more global way. Let’s say you own a recipe site and want to let followers know you uploaded a new recipe. You could create a template like: ‘Hi there, we just added a new recipe to our site. It’s a <insert food style>. You can find the recipe here: <url to recipe>’

You could personalize this pretty easily, of course. Maybe you’re a personal trainer and want to send out a daily food schedule. The diet itself should be inserted manually, but you could easily line up a template like: ‘Good morning, Here’s your food schedule. Good luck eating healthy! 🍏💪 <food schedule>.’ You might notice these examples are based on food (maybe I’m hungry), but you could apply them to your own business case as well.

3. Thank you note

Organized a fruitful meet up? Had a lovely meeting with a (potential) client? Send them a heartfelt thank you note to make that good impression linger. This is actually one of the easiest templates to set up, but it will prove rewarding in the end. Something like: ‘Hey, how are you? It was nice seeing you last week. If any questions have popped up, let me know!’

Or: ‘Hi, thanks for your visit! If you have any feedback, please let me know.’

4. It’s been a while

Concluding, it’s smart to have something lined up if you haven’t heard from a client in a while. It’s perfectly fine to use a default reminder for this, but make sure to add some details on your relationship or previous meeting. For example: ‘I haven’t spoken to you since our last meeting on <date meeting>. If you’d like to meet up again, let me know. Have a great day!’

Or something like: ‘Hi, at our last meeting we spoke about <details meeting>. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. If you’d like to meet up again, let me know. Have a great day!’ In that way, you add just enough juice to pique your client’s interest.

Great, message templates! Where do I start?

Adding a template in Scheduled works like a blast. Fire up the app, head to ‘Create Message’ and tap the book icon in the right corner of the message field. Here, you can choose existing templates or add a new one. Happy texting!

Jildert Visser