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Together We Improve Scheduled Everyday

A team made out of (extremely) fun people, trying to make the world a little less forgetful, and a little more attentive

Curious how Scheduled came to be? Well, I'm a busy man, and I noticed I started to forget things in my social circle I really didn't want to forget. The straw that broke the camel's back, was that I forgot to send a get-well message to a friend who was undergoing a surgery. Then I thought:
"Is there an app that can help me with this?"
There wasn't! And so we set out to make it ourselves!

Robert KeusScheduled Founder (& Chief Forgetfulness)

A heartfelt message, from us, to you

Hi there, dear onlooker! Pleased to meet you. We are Scheduled’s development team. We’re comprised of a bunch of very capable misfits, as you’ll likely learn in a minute.

Robert Keus

Product Owner & Head Honcho

Sebastiaan Kooijman

Creative Director & (Thinks He's) Funny

Reinoud Oskam

UX Designer

Robin Eijsbouts

Frontender, Visibly Uncomfortable with Posing

Wouter van den Broek

Android/iOS Developer

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